Impressions for Inspiration

Impressions for inspiration from the Altzella Monastery Park in summer or winter are just a few examples that allow a personal view of the cultural treasures in the region and arouse curiosity for very personal discoveries. After a silver discovery in 1168 on the territory of the present Freiberg, the construction of the Cistercian abbey began west of Nossen and south of the Freiberg depression. For the construction of the monastery facilities, clay pits, kilns for bricks and lime were built and quarries were opened, some of them in the immediate vicinity. The monastery with its partly still well preserved walls is today an ensemble of park with ruins in romantic style and renovated buildings, it serves various cultural purposes and is used as a museum as part of the Schlösserland Sachsen. In the business sector, seminars, but also private celebrations can be organized and overnight stays can be booked.

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